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The success of our business is defined by how we touch the lives of others.
One of our brand value states "we strive to inspire by sharing our ideas, experiences, talents and skills,"
and we are enthusiastically committed to championing the success of others.

From time to time, on special occasions, or when unexpected circumstances present themselves,
we seize the opportunity to provide a limited time offer, that is complimentary.This is just one of the ways we give back to a community of people we cherish.

Complimentary offers are time sensitive, with a limited availability.
[To void FOMO, act swiftly.]


I think you'll agree, life can be challenging at the best of times.
The benefits of experiencing gratitude have been well documented. The practiced art of consecutively giving thanks and expressing gratitude can considerably improve and enhance lives.

Why do you do this challenge? To sharpen our awareness, enlarge our capacity to become better than the present, improve our health, build strong relationships, increase productivity, the reasons are endless, above all else, I hope it is to remember that good habits, practiced daily, changes our emotional economy, in turn influencing how we impact the world we live in.

Focusing on a variety of subject matters for this challenge will cultivate a greater sense of happiness, and
hopefully this will be contagious and create a positive ethos, come what may...


Simply use the code GVETHX21 at checkout the receive the complimentary "Give Thanks" Collection immediately.
Available until Friday, 5 November. 8pm ACST [Adelaide, Australia]
Download the collection.Using the cards and 30 day prompt guide, create a page per prompt, curate your pages into an album, print!

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