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I never expected to live to see a pandemic that would alter the course of history, effecting every nation and people.

Twenty Twenty will be remembered without question. Our global family experiencing many remarkable things out of something so horrid! What have you observed, felt, change, removed, during this pandemic? Have you received personal insight or inspiration to accommodate and action your inspiration? Are you sharing those insights, documenting them for posterity or just for personal self-reflection? Surely we have all gleaned from this hibernation, [lockdown periods.] Documenting the personal insights, along with the staggering data, reports, foreign photos of empty streets, overfilled hospitals, clean skies and streams, has been taxing, emotional, and worthwhile. I have considered what I have learnt, am continuing to learn and feel, all as valuable as the history making data. We will probably have some things in common and some things unique…it will be interesting to review and understand our uniqueness and commonalities during this global pandemic.

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C O L L E C T I O N  I N F O R M A T I O N

To help you narrate and curate your living memories through this "unprecedented era," it is our privilege to share this unique timeline series created especially for you, my fellow Australians."AUSTRALIAN COVID 19 TIMELINES..." A 39-piece series, comprising of Timelines, Quote, Journal, and Graphic Cards, covering the Pandemic during Twenty Twenty-January -December.

NB. Each of the cards pair perfectly with any of our collections to create a cohesive look throughout your albums/books.

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