Hi I'm Sally Wilson...SPOILER ALERT, I throw around a few "Holy Cows" every now and then when I am excited or astonished...Truly, I'm amazed and elated that you are here. So grateful. Thank you for choosing to spend some of your time here, with me, as I share a sprinkling of words & pics that incapsulate my personality and ventures in narrative stationery. 


Whether we are meeting for the first time or are old friends, WE L C O M E.


One thing I know for sure is that we will have some stories in common. Stories of struggles, overcoming weaknesses, disappointments, loss, finding courage, love, adventure, triumph and friendship. But the narratives we share are often of

those we have loved and served, in our homes and our communities; the activities that fostered relationships, the experiences that forged character and the traditions that influenced. They are the events, observations, lessons, adventures and trials that have currency in our lives and real estate in our hearts. Stories that matter. Mine, yours, theirs, collectively ours. 



We would be honoured to be part of your creative efforts to document and share those stories. With a focus on design that is understated, we are confident our products and design aesthetics will enhance the in-sight and imagery of your words and photos.

Our online boutique offers a considered collection of modern, narrative stationery, with a dedication to minimalist elegance. Our endeavour is to transform the ordinary everyday memory keeping into extraordinary, timeless keepsakes. Our cohesively designed digital collections for documenting your personal history and family history, are meticulously designed to help you preserve your living memories.


Our physical collections of social and narrative stationery, [coming soon], reflects our signature modern timeless design, with a nod to white spaces, muted colour palettes and delicate typography. We're looking forward to revealing more details with you...



Like so many others,there have been no random, lucky breaks or leg ups. Being here is the result of considered, prayerful and intentional pursuits of risks and refinement. I have succeeded and failed in grand and epic style [thank you, insert a fist pump emoji] both of which have been costly, invaluable and celebrated. I am almost comfortable at the cross section of reset and reinvent and I can't wait to experience the Queendom of Creativepreneur with you. Embracing the experience of sharing "a portion of thyself" has changed my sight to in-sight and my fondest hope is together, we lean into the plot twist and cliff hangers of life, lifting one another as we grow in our pursuit to live the stories we want to tell.