Each of us has a unique creative footprint and process when documenting our stories.

Sometimes those stories and ideas flow and transfer beautifully and we can articulate and curate those stories with ease.

Other times we are caught in the paralysis of where to start, what to write and the how to, of documenting our life stories.

Does this resonate with you?

With so much information available, and at our fingertips, why then does it become so challenging to document our life,

record our stories, and insert ourselves into the narratives we wish to share? One simple answer is, we are human, and its'

often challenging knowing what and how to include the stories that may be of value to share.

It takes an investment of time and resources to document our stories.

Many of us consider ourselves to be time starved and resource poor?

Does this resonate too?

One thing I know from experience, is that the stories we curate, and share retain their value when they are purposeful, insightful,

and honest. I love the photos and journaling of the everyday life, however their value in comparison to your personal life experiences, beliefs, and values, pale when we comprehend the significance of documenting the milestones and moments that evolved and change us.



So how do we narrate and curate our stories? Purposefully, and often one at a time.

Our Monthly Narrative Prompts were intentionally designed to be a resource, to help evolve the stories that give insight into who you are;

what you believe, how you think, what you feel, how you manage and navigate the ebbs and flows of this very human condition,

and what your life looks like in the everyday ordinary to the extraordinary that shapes your decision-making process and character...


In all the stories shared, there is a hope that your narratives will be purposeful to your family, your circle of influence, not just for

the now but for time. Our prompts were created to help you pivot your thoughts into stories than transform the pages of your

albums into living memories, that inspire, uplift, and guide.


Stories matter because they evolve the author and the audience.

Just a few questions asked and answered can lead to a path of self-discovery.

"There are a thousand thoughts lying within man that he does not know till he takes up the pen to write."




Document your stories!

Review the prompt guide for the month and select the prompt/s to document in the month.

We have included photo prompts to pair with your written stories.

C O L L E C T I O N  I N F O R M A T I O N

Provided on the first of each month is a Monthly Narrative Prompt Guide, one 3x4 specific prompt journal card from the monthly prompts and one 3x4 coordinating graphic or quote card for download. [NB. Each of these card pair perfectly with any of our collections to create a cohesive look

throughout your albums/books.]

Please consider, who do you know that may need a little extra encouragement in documenting their stories? Would this free resource help them?


Click on the Monthly Prompt guide to download.

Click on the Monthly Prompt guide to download.