For the Modern memory Keeper.

When it comes to your memory keeping style, do you feel like you have lots of interests and ideas but do not know what to focus on? Do you feel like your style is all over the place? Or do you feel pulled around by design trends that comes along? Learning how to choose or knowing your design style makes creating your pages and albums so much easier.

Cultivating your style, whether it is in your favourite colour palette, your spacial sense, or your taste in patterns or font pairings, is a gradual process. But it is definitely worth taking the time to find your memory keeping style before you start making purchasing decisions regarding the aesthetics of your memory keepsakes.

Learning how to choose a design style that matches your personality and storytelling style allows you to create and document with confidence. You do not need to limit yourself to one look, it is important to discover what you love, so you are not overwhelmed by choices.

Our narratives [visual or written] usually reflect who we are, and how we live. A simple tip for discovering your design style is to ** take a que from your closet. If you saw my closet, you would know I gravitate to a minimalist style, it transfers and translates into every aspect of my life, including the memory keeping style I prefer! My closet is a capsule wardrobe consisting of monochromatic tones and linens with no more that 15 hung items, with remaining items distributed in three draws. When you understand your style, the framework, formats and other elements to createing a page or album, everything falls into place with greater ease.