H I B E R N A T I O N & T H E U N E X P E C T E D

Issue No.03

When your life goes into hibernation, and the noise and pressures of the world are reduced to a whisper, the unexpected happens. Your hearing and vision can become clear and crisp. So grateful for the pause that has amplified who and what is important, and in this moment, the unexpected happened; this pandemic has intensified hearing this message and seeing its relevance and impact on my day to day living. Who and what is important?

In the words of Steven Bartlett, “Sometimes you have to remove things from your life to know if they’re important-this might be the most valuable lesson this pandemic taught us. It turns out most things aren’t as important as we thought, and some things are more important than we ever imagined”.

This hibernation era, or “the great realisation” termed by Tom Roberts, as afforded us many opportunities to see and hear clearly what is need for us individually and collectively as a global family.

For myself, the clarity on what needed removal and what required a renewed focus intensified. This era provided a removal from the distractions of the world and an investment in the lifestyle habits and relationships that sustain my soul, both spiritually and temporally. I would never have slowed down sufficiently for this process to begin or for the changes I have personally encountered to be sustained.