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Updated: May 4, 2022

Issue No.01

For modern memory keepers it's all about living by design. Preserving living memories requires intentional management of time and resources. Living by design means increasing your creative footprint to deliver narratives and imagery that feels undeniably you.

The beauty of being at the helm of how you narrate your life stories is found in the freedom that can be experienced. Each photo or word preserved is handcrafted by you, the expert creative, who understands the simplicity or complexity of the narrative.

Curating stories that will inevitably bridge past and future generations does require a personal planned investment. Living by design is understanding how that investment is achieved, and what value it has in transforming your memory keeping activities into mindful experiences.

The key to planning how your narratives look and feel is to identify and implement your unique creative footprint. In order to do this, you must first take care of all the elements; tools, time and talents, remembering that each narrative, whether visual or written is a crafted limited edition.

To ensure the end result serves you through the years, it's worthwhile knowing the impact your resources [tools, time and talents] have on your ability to be creative. Acquiring the right equipment, developing specific skills or habits that simulate and support your creativity in a variety of situations, can completely help you reimagine how you see and complete your stories. Keep in mind that what supports one's person creativity might be different to another.

The key to a balanced process in memory keeping, is to keep things simple. Focus on what you consider to be important and deliver to the best of your ability.

Your craftmanship, creativity and care towards documenting and preserving your narratives is inspired by and founded on the purpose of "why" you want those stories to live. Therefore, give careful consideration to the investment of obtaining skills, tools, technology, and your time allocation to manage all the elements of your creative footprint.

My creative footprint for preserving my memories includes these foundational markers:

  • Keep content simple. Make words and images harmonious in page layouts.

  • Be consistent with a design style. Remember, design is a mix between creativity and technique.

  • Consider the audience. How might my reader/posterity feel or engage with my narratives or content.

  • Plan with a purpose. A clear plan means I can review and refine my creative footprint, purposes and be less wasteful and more intentional about how I invest my resources.

Modern memory keeping is concerned with intentionally crafting an inspiring a collection of narratives that transform raw stories into polished treasures.

Hope you are traveling well in refining or reinventing some of your process to transform your memory keeping experiences. It's good to evolve and improve. Cheering for you.

Cheers for now



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