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Updated: Jan 30, 2023


Planning isn’t for the faint hearted. Successful and sustainable execution and monitoring are also needed to determine success. Planning helps us manage performance, review organisational capacity and execute capabilities. Here are three key elements for successfully planning your yearbook:

Step 01: Review

“Rowing harder doesn’t help if your boat is headed in the wrong direction.” Kenichi Ohmae

· Conduct an audit on your current strategy-"if nothing changes, nothing changes."

· Determine where you currently are

· Identify what is important

· Determine your accountability

· Review: Remember, Nothing changes, if nothing changes."

Download one of our screen savers and upload to your smart phone as a gentle reminder, "what you do, counts."

WW_YB_Screen Savers
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Step 02: Start Simply and Simplify

“Plan your work and work your plan”

· Ask yourself “what’s your vision?”

· Define your *metrics [system/process]

· Determine your *creative footprint, including your writing voice

· Set Timelines

· Track progress

· Make it a visible habit

We've created a Yearbook Planner and and Pocket Page Map Cards to aid you in curating a yearbook strategy . Click the download link below.

Step 03: Practice Unwavering Discipline

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle.

· Avoid needless *decision making

· Be consistent

· Be persistent

· Be realistic: define your goals

· Set good habits, set routines

Successfully completing a yearbook is a wonderful and valuable accomplishment, most who achieve this have a sound strategy that considers available resources and an effective execution of a plan [tactics]. A strategy must be carefully considered, created, planned and implemented, taking into account the internal and external elements, which will influence the outcome.

Planning is key to creating continued momentum throughout the year. You will never always be motivated, so learning how to be self-disciplined will be vital to your success. Creating a sound plan will ensure you maintain momentum and discipline to stay the path to reach your vision or goals. The goal is to plan strategically for the long term [year] and execute tactically in the short term [day-day]. This will help you innovate or pivot as required, so you can turn your yearbook vision into a reality.


One a final note, we love to solve problems that other folks avoid. The priority in our design process was to curate a collection that would span past, present and future years. We knew the benefits of curating a system of themes in our understated design aesthetics at the beginning of the year, that has everything you love, want and need, would be a game changer. Being prepared enhances self-discipline, increase flexibility, decreases overwhelm, saves time and provides an opportunity for inspiration, all of which contribute to your success.

Unique to our Yearbook Collections are Collection categories central to memory keepers though out the year. These categories include Celebration, Milestones and Life Collections that are supported by the Calendar, Journal and Seasons Collections, making this the quintessential collection to have in your vault.

Each category has a variety of small collections that encapsulates a topic within that category. Each small collection has 5 pocket cards: title, graphic, journal and quote 3x4 card that pairs perfectly with a 4x6 card. Each category collection has been intentionally considered to give you a well-rounded selection to equip you for the year ahead.

That's a wrap from me. Wishing you much success on turning your yearbook vision into a reality. I'll be cheering for you. Thansk you for being here, I appreciate you.

If you found any of these words, suggestions or resources to be useful, be take the time to share them and your insights with another memory keeper.



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