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2023 Creative Team Call

Announcing today our search for our first Creative Team.

We have previously worked alongside exceptional Brand Ambassadors who have been inspirational in our memory keeping community. In 2023 we are looking for a small group of talented creatives to join Wilson|Wilson.

We are seeking competent memory keepers who can confidently work with our niche understated minimalist aesthetics and design style, to inspire, educate and show what is possible with our products.

We believe that sharing your narratives should be empowering and beautiful. Thoughtful design is requisite, however journaling will be prominently displayed in your projects as this is core to the Wilson|Wilson Brand.

In addition to your creativity, attention to detail and storytelling skills, we are seeking contributors from our global community who are the right fit to partner with our products and business.

We value and love it when people invest in developing their skills, however developing the characteristics traits that help to nurture, encourage and inspire others talents, creativity, progress and humanity are highly favourable, as we define success by how we touch the lives of others.

To help you with your decision to join us, here are a few guidelines, additional information and how to apply:


• Desire to inspire others by sharing ideas, experiences, talents and skills.

• Are comfortable working with digital products and tools.

• Are proficient at photographing, videoing and editing personal projects.

• Enthusiastically committed to meeting deadlines and can follow directions.

• Actively engaged on social media platforms, with a willingness to promote Wilson|Wilson products.

[an high volume social media presence [large following] is not a requirement, we value consistency.]

• Are fluent in English [it is appreciated.]


• Complete projects in accordance with schedule quarterly specifications.

[approx. 2 projects per month. 1 blog post or video tutorial per quarter. Additional projects for product release.]

• posting personal projects & promoting the Wilson|Wilson Brand on personal social media accounts.


• complimentary [nil cost] products, accessible prior to release.

If we have described you and your work and you love our products, we want to work with you.


Creative Team applications are due no later than *8pm [ACST] Monday, January 09, 2023 via email.

New Creative Team Members will be notified by email and announced on Monday, January 16, 2023. 2023 First projects will be due Monday, January 30, 8pm ACST.


Apply via email to *Sally [ ], with the below information and images.

• Subject line of email: 2023 WW Creative Team_Your Name [eg 2023 WW Creative Team_Sue Smith]

• Full name. Email Address. Location.

• Links to your blog and any social media platforms in current use, including if you teach classes.

• 3-5 of your best work/projects that showcase and reflect your style, creativity and interests.

• A list of past or current creative teams.

The 2023 Creative Team is our first launch. Joining our company means you will be curious and have a quest for excellence. At the heart of our success is the importance and value we place on the integrity and talent of our creative artists who not only showcase our products but are aligned with our core values.

The contract is for 6 months, however we reserve the right to invite you to increase the contact for an additional term.

Best wishes to each of you, looking forward to meeting and working with you.

Sally Wilson

Wilson| Wilson

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