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WILD & FREE : iNSD 2022

iNSD Blog Hop

Happy Happy Day, and a huge welcome here and to the Indie Collaboration Blog Hop, brought to you by a Collective [group] of Independent Digi-scrap Designers.

I love that you have found your way here, via the lovely and talented Meagan Johnson's blog, owner of The Practical Scrapper.

This year's indie theme, "Wild & Free" could not be more fitting, what a W I L D year or two it has been. Many of our shared experiences have altered how we see and do things, changing our sight to insight. We have had opportunities to increase our capacity, render service, extend our resources, and enlarge our charity and compassion to family, friends, and those who were once strangers.

Rising up to meet the rapid, challenging changes of the past two years, making adjustments to meet the discomforts and the unexpected, has been a refining process that has helped me to live from a place of inherent worth and value. It has been utterly amazing to be a spectator and participant in those developing changes, and be still for the past few years. Life lessons of immense personal worth, in particular the worth of souls and the real currency of a moment.

We all know how important memory keeping is in helping us to recognize and remember our blessings through our photos and our own written words. Preserving our stories helps us to remember the quintessential moments, experiences, and lessons that shape our character, and change our lives.

We know our memories matter, but they also fade, so being reminded to remember via a day of observance and celebration, is a gift. Today, as we celebrate [inter]National Scrapbook Day, we hope to impress upon your mind, as we slowly adapt from a pandemic to an endemic world, how very fragile life is. The moments that refine and define us deserve to be curated and authored by you...if there is one thing that has lived in the forefront of my mind of late, it is to "live the stories we want to tell."

I hope you enjoy creating fabulous new memories and remember to preserve the "wild & free" experiences that reside in your heart and mind using the collection gifts from each of our participating designers.

The Wilson | Wilson blog hop contribution is a mini collection that pairs perfectly with the debuting Wild & Free releases, but first, some handy links for you. You'll want to explore our online store-The Boutique. You will see our coordinating new releases on the 6th. Make sure you sign up for the monthly newsletter, so you don't miss upcoming releases, freebies, challenges and more. Lastly, we invite you to follow us on our social accounts, our home for tips, inspiration and other freebies to help you be the architect of your creative footprint and the author of your stories. Click the links below...