wilson wilson

design studio

products for the modern memory keeper


Documenting the essence of the human experience
and the beautiful connections that exist between us,
make us Memory Keepers of the ordinary and most extraordinary.

caley ashpole: sunshine coast, australia

Your story is about so much more than just the photos. It is an intimately curated collection of narratives that you have experienced first hand and captured, that unanimously stand as a testament that you lived. Living the stories you want to tell is the essence of life, becoming the author of your stories is where the magic begins.
We believe that sharing your narratives should be empowering and beautiful. Good product design goes beyond showcasing exceptional design, it should solve problems and create opportunities. Our streamline approach to storytelling and thoughtful design details, mean our products are able to support ambitious memory keepers in their vision to document the raw reality of everyday life, the fleeting beauty of those in-between moments, and the impactful narratives that influence generations.

"what matters to you, inspires what we do."