"What matters to you inspires what we do"

When joining our member Facebook page, "The Lounge," we ask 2 intentional questions to learn some of the pain points experienced in your memory keeping journey and how we may best serve you in finding solutions.

Overwhelm, namely lack of time, ideas, and the frustration of not being a “wordsmith” are the most frequently cited reason many memory keepers cite for feeling overwhelmed with documenting their storires. This overwhelm often leads to performance paralysis, a rabbit hole any memory keeper should avoid at all costs. Does this resonate with you?

Our Monthly Narrative Prompts are an initiative started early last year to invigorate interest in personal journaling, and alleviate some decision paralysis of where to start, what to write and how to curate stories.

A great starting point is to simply to start. We all know practice creates greatness. If you want to be great at something you must practice. Great memory keepers consistently invest time in the “practice process.”

An essential part of memory keeping is not just creating the stories we want to tell but preserving them in a visual or written format. I genuinely want to help you pivot your documenting experience taking it from drab to fab. I also believe your stories and

personal histories should not only be beautiful but purposeful.

What matters to me personally, even before business success, is my commitment to encouraging and providing resources to anyone who wants to share their stories, because I know firsthand the relevance and influence that stories have on shaping and changing lives, especially the narrator/author.

Asking questions about your habits and needs has been revelatory in creating these prompts and cards. Creating simple products is often a difficult skill. Designing the best product in this instant has been learned through trial and error, with years of experience, retraining and refining my use of design, and being obsessed with the user experience. Helping relieve the memory keeping overwhelm of being time starve and resource poor, meant the design and functionality had to be simple for it to be effective, a personal manta of mine. Just a few essentail curated cards can make the right difference in how you transform your raw stories into polished treasures.

Each month you can download a free collection of prompts and products from the resource section on our website. The narrative suggestions [written and visual] are meant to provide a context and framework to help you tell a clear, simple, and compelling short story.

Impactful stories have purpose, and this is our aim with this product, we want to encourage you to purposefully use your time on curating stories that provide insight and or value to your audience.

The lifetime journey of documenting your stories requires an investment of time. I can’t emphasis this point enough! we each receive the same amount of time, how we invest it makes all the difference in receiving the outcomes we desire!

Understanding your creative footprint [learn more here] as well as applying best practices [prioritizing resources and the most efficient course of action,] will contribute to the elimination of overwhelm.


July's narrative monthly prompt is accompanied with a four card collection, complementing the story pillar of the month- Freedom.

Choose a prompt:journal your thoughts, include a relate photo, add a quote, print your story/stories.